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Why The “Work From Office” Model Needs To Be Reinstituted?

It is now 2 years since the advent of the novel Covid-19 merged the lines between offices and homes. There is no denying that work from home offered employees convenient incentives. While working in casual pants with your pets and children around for flexible work hours and autonomy seems cogent to many employees, it is of substantial importance to ponder on the noteworthy drawbacks that work from home brings with it.

If your company is set forth to make transformative changes on the forefront, the work from office model should be the norm. 

Let’s explore why! 

Collaborative Workspace Design at Google India by Exotic Innovations


For an organization to uphold its values and progress successfully towards its intended vision, employee connectedness is fundamental. With network issues being a given, delivering organizational knowledge in a remote environment is a strenuous effort. The “work from office” model attends to this void. Face-to-face communication promotes better association and effective dialogue between employees that enhance organizational culture. 


You might be rightfully designed for your favorite job, but not all homes are suitable for home-working. That said, in an office, you are guaranteed all the requisites of work. Additionally, the atmosphere you are set in impacts employee performance to a significant extent. The work from office model creates a culture of support by encouraging collaboration and high-end learning among employees thereby setting a rock-solid base on which the company rests. 


As humans, we are bound to be social animals. Solitary functioning stunts efficiency, creativity, and innovation after a due course of time. In contrast, the “work from office” model helps build relationships and invokes a sense of belonging by facilitating team experience. A synergy of ideas is presented at the table while ushering personal development in social situations. Workspace unity thereby reinforces employees towards a common mission.

To conclude, the “work from office” model engenders distinctive professional and personal lives ensuring a well-achieved work-life balance. 

It’s time to rebound! 

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