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A company built for

Construction Excellence

Exotic Innovations is a premier design and build company with a portfolio of projects spanning the country. We have had the privilege of serving some of the most reputable corporations as clients for over two decades. Our management team set out to establish a unique design and build company, one that emphasizes long-term relationships, transparent business practices, and an adaptive company culture.

With a nationwide presence, has been expertly serving clients across the country since the year 2000. Our teams, comprising of more than 500 professionals, strategically operate out of seven offices located throughout the country.

Exotic’s mission is to build lasting relationships with our employees, clients, partners, and subcontractors through honesty, purpose, and commitment. We aim to inspire progress and achieve year-over-year financial performance. Our dedication is to safely deliver superior spaces where people work, play, live, learn, heal, create, worship, and serve

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Our Process

Innovate & Adapt

At Exotic, we strive to innovate and adapt in everything we do. We continually implement new, most-effective solutions that go beyond simply meeting the needs of our clients and projects. While maintaining the hardworking mentality our firm was built on, we believe in working smarter through continuous improvement and technology. We are not constrained by long-standing corporate policies or practices, instead we embrace both flexibility and creativity without a rigid organizational structure. We are open to new ideas from clients and internal team members, as we learn, adapt and improve together.

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Meet the team that
creates future.

Exotic Innovations is led by a team of vastly experienced industry leaders who came together to establish the organization, embodying their values of innovation, quality, safety and superior business process. With their collective experiences spanning across various sectors of interior projects throughout the country, our leadership team is supported by a diverse group of professionals from business operations, project management, safety, finance, marketing and human resources, working together to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Our Process

The Promise of Quality

Our highly-trained and experienced teams are committed to implementing world-class interiors with global quality standards. Beyond the brick and mortar, concrete and steel, and piers and piles, we construct spaces that transform communities and advance humanity through world-changing organizations. Our hallmark is the belief that we can be the change we wish to see in our industry. We strive to build the best, not the most.

Years Experience

Delivering Predictability & Efficiency

When we build a schedule, we are driven by Lean principles—whether it’s a fast-moving, critical project or a challenging design implementation with a non-negotiable end date—our scheduling approach delivers accountability and efficiency.

Exotic creates a Master Project Schedule for each project, including all stages of activities, team responsibilities, deliverables and key client decision-making deadlines. As the project progresses, our field teams implement daily Lean practices to connect the long-term milestones with the short-term planning; productivity is maximized, milestones are met.

Awards & Appreciations

We build trust, communities, and people – while delivering an exceptional product and client experience.

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