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Code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the responsibilities or proper practices for an individual or organization.

Objective: It lays down guidelines for general ethical behavior of staff, professionalism, and diligence in performance of work.

  • To maintain cordial and cohesive relationship with co-employees, customers and to maintain ethical dealing at workplace.
  • To illustrate high standard of integrity.

1.1. Employment

To employ the best talent from internal and external resource to achieve the objective and goals of Exotic. All appointments, whether from internal or external source, are made on the basis of individual suitability and merit.

1.2. Joining Formalities

A new recruit on joining, needs to email/Upload the following documents through HRMS portal (if not submitted earlier at the time of interview), to the HR team, on or before 5 (five) days from the date of joining:

        1. Bank Account number (if already having one).
        2. Passport size Photograph (if not submitted with the personal information form).
        3. Copies of Education Certificates (if applicable).
        4. Copy of Employment- Appointment Order and Relieving Order or Service Certificate (if applicable).
        5. Copy of 3 months’ Salary Slip (Last Employer); and Last Increment Letters (If applicable)
        6. Copy of photo ID & Address proof (Aadhaar Card – Mandatory)
        7. Pan Card
        8. 10th Marks card to support Age proof.
        9. Disability certificate (if applicable).

All the employees need to inform the HR promptly of any changes in circumstances or personal details, which may necessitate an entry in or amendment to personal file. The following occurrences must be reported to the Human Resource Team with substantiated documents.

        1. Change of Name.
        2. Change of residence address.
        3. Change of emergency contact number.
        4. Change in marital status.
        5. Change in family size; and
        6. Change in academics

1.3. Probation and Confirmation Objective:

To encourage and facilitate the performance of new joiners or probationers. It covers such employees as may be specified in the appointment letter of such employees. New joiners appointed with Exotic shall be kept on a probationary period for a period of 6 (six) months from the date of joining.

      • Performance of employees shall be assessed and evaluated according to work performance using the Probation Assessment Form (“PAF”).
      • PAF will be sent to the respective reporting manager 15 (fifteen) days before the due date of confirmation. On successful completion of the probationary period, subject to satisfactory probation assessment review with regards to the employee’s performance, confirmation letter shall be issued to the employee confirming his/her employment with Exotic.
      • If the work performance of the employee is below the approved standards of Exotic the probationary period of an employee may be extended for a further period of 3 (three) months. Even after such extensions, if the employee cannot meet the levels of expectations of Exotic, the services of the employee may be discontinued by issuing a notice of 30 (thirty) days or payment in lieu thereof.

1.4. Transfer:

To relocate or reassign the services of the employee from one location to another depending on the business & project requirements, or from one line of function to another or from one project to another project.

Where required, Exotic may, at its sole discretion, transfer an employee to a different line of function or location, and assign additional or differing duties to meet changing business requirements.

While every attempt will be made to give the employee reasonable advance notice of such transfer, in case of an emergency, such transfer may be made effective immediately. All reasonable expenses incurred by the employees pursuant to any such transfer will be borne by the Company. Non acceptance of transfer will be considered as notice period from the organization from the date of issuance of transfer letter.

In cases where an employee requests a transfer (change in location and/or job profile), each request shall be considered on a case-to-case basis and will be subject to the availability of a suitable position and the ability of the employee to perform in that position.

1.5. Internship:

An internship is any carefully monitored work or service experience in which an individual has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what she or he is learning throughout the experience. Internships may be part of an educational program or can be part of a learning plan that someone develops individually.

Learning activities common to most internships include learning objectives, observation, reflection, evaluation and assessment. An effort to establish a reasonable balance between the interns’ learning goals and the specific work Exotic needs is done. Internships promote academic, career and/or personal development of an intern.

As per the need of the department the requirement for hiring the intern will be provided by the Reporting Manager. For eg, the Project Department will have the criteria such as: Should be from relevant engineering degrees from Premier Institutes (NICMAR, Tier 1, 2, 3 colleges etc);

1.6. Term & Working Hours:

The duration of the internship can be anywhere from 1 month to 6 months.

The internship can be for a full time (8 hours) or part time (4 hours) as per the requirement of the Reporting Manager. The work timings will be in accordance with the policy of the company

On completion of the internship the reporting manager must certify completion of internship and authorize payment of the intern’s stipend if applicable. This evaluation must be sent to HR for their records.

** All other disciplinary policies of Exotic will be applicable to the Interns.

1.7. Stipend

The internship may be a paid or un-paid internship. Depending on the nature of the internship the HR and Reporting Manager may decide the amount of stipend. The range of stipend depends on the nature of the internship, i.e. the degree of specialist knowledge/experience that is required. The maximum stipend that can be paid is Rs. 70,000 per month, including incidental expenses like accommodation, travel, cost of assets etc.

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