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Exotic Design & Build

Exotic’s approach for project delivery is naturally proactive, which lends itself to collaborative project delivery methods. We start by bringing all members of the project team together at the earliest possible stage of design. With open communication and close collaboration, design+build can remove many of a project challenges, while lowering costs and speeding up delivery process. Exotic’s proven capabilities, when coupled with agile project management methodologies, allow us to complete successful design-build projects consistently over time.

As a Design+Build company we understand that what’s inside matters. We’re dedicated to providing professional design services that fulfil our client‘s needs, adhere to our clients’ budget and schedule parameters. We provide buildable solutions that create functional spaces within enriched aesthetic environment.

What We Do
Manufacturing Facility with

Unmatched Capabilities

Exotic owns interiors material handling factory to produce furnishing materials and infrastructure solutions exclusively for internal project needs. Factory is equipped with state of the art machinery to deliver superior standard built-in joineries, roofing material, partitioning systems, furniture and furnishings. Factory aims to produce innovative custom solutions for tailor made design spaces cost effectively while maintaining global safety and quality standards.

Sq. Ft. Facility

In-house Furnishings

Excelaart is a product vertical of Exotic Innovations, A vertically integrated interior products company providing end-to-end interior product solutions. Excelaart delivers finest custom furnishings as needed in interior projects. Company also source from the finest interior product designers globally as desired.

At Exotic,

Health & Safety Safety is Culture,
Not Just A Policy

Safety first. Our clients expect it, we demand it and our employees live it. Exotic’s health and safety (H&S) program is based on the principles that people are our greatest asset, accidents and injuries are preventable, and everyone is responsible for safety. Our work sites maintain high level of care and concern for our employees, our subcontractors and all fellow workers. All employees are committed to being personally responsible for keeping our workplace safe.

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