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Purpose-driven workspaces – A road map to meaningful work.

So often, we hear conversations at parties, friends’ reunions, and often times at a cafeteria sipping that saviour coffee about the monotony of work, the lack of interest, and how it requires great effort to consciously stay motivated and focused at the workplace. It is one out of a great many that go back home feeling satisfied with the performance of their work on a day-to-day basis. Nevertheless, most employees go about engaging in team meets, projects, and deadlines being completely oblivious to what their workspaces demand from them while paying no heed to their time, energy, and skill. An automated machine from 9-6, until it all, comes down to this dreading extremity where you get hysterical and go “Why am I doing this?”, “What even is the point”?
That’s right.

An important question to ask indeed.
Quoting the words of an eminent man, Stephan Hawking, “work gives you meaning and purpose, and life is empty without it”. As humans, it is in the essence of our very nature to hunt for purpose and meaning in life. The same applies to our work, the places where we spend most of our time at. To be driven is to be rooted in purpose.
And when the purpose is on the cards, workspaces boom with positive changes!
But, what does a company driven by purpose look or feel like?
Let’s delve into it.

A company is as good as its employees. In the present times, people are moving forward in search of meaning and purpose more often when compared to the older generations. It is high time companies express their vision and goals outwardly to their employees and conduct sessions/workshops, that act as a reminder of the vision. When attention and energy flow in the essential direction, your company goals naturally elevate, and you stand out from the rest.

When employees are soaked in purpose, their zest, and enthusiasm towards work sky-rockets. They connect more easily to the tasks on their table, add meaning to work, and present noble innovations. A sense of community and space of growth are established considering their goals align with company goals, which enhance the creative juices immensely.

Purpose-driven employees get back home satisfied with the knowledge that they have created an impact either in their workspaces or on society. Their mental health improves, commitment increases, and they are willing to show up as a better version of themselves every day. Talking of inclusivity, while your company goals are majorly already set, you could ask your employees for their opinions. This small act reassures your employees of their value in the company and creates a sense of belonging, thereby naturally relearning and learning to be well-versed at their jobs.To conclude, work that is backed with purpose and meaning is the core differentiator. Inspire your employees with purpose, and you will be surprised to see they’ll be ahead of schedule, bring in transforming changes, and exceed your expectations setting the perfect example for workspaces!

At Exotic Innovations, we are committed to implementing world-class interiors with high-quality standards. It’s our purpose, it’s what moves us. We build the best, not the most, driven by innovation and adaptability, transforming communities above and beyond!
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